Seaway is the world's leading design, engineering and tooling company. More than 60,000 have been built to their 300 designs in the past 30 years by 48 boatbuilders from 20 countries, winning over 60 Boat of the Year and design awards.

Besides many projects for other marine product serial builders, we make our own brands: Shipman carbon sailboats, Greenline Hybrid motorboats, OceanClass world cruising yachts, and Skagen motoryachts.



Composite workboats

Seaway specializes in design, engineering and tooling of composite professional vessels from 30 to 100 feet. The scope of this work encompasses petrol vessels, pilot boats, crew delivery vessels, fast interceptors, small ferries, fishing boats, SAR and similar.

With the composite know-how accumulated in the past three decades, Seaway is able to help its cutomers reach new boundaries.

Shorter production times, less maintenance, less initial cost - and a lower fuel consumption due to light weight composites used in the build - mean an overall cost cutting that will make the difference.

This is why Damen has chosen Seaway for designing and developing their latest multi-purpose sea-going vessel.

Seaway is currently designing a range of multipurpose off-shore work boats for Damen.



Greenline hybrid taxi boat

Greenline has developed (conceived, designed, engineered and produced) a 33-foot hybrid taxi boat, designed to take up to 22 people on shorter day trips. The first boat has been delivered as a taxi boat, but the layout can be easily modified to accommodate scuba-diving or other programs.

Taxi boat Taxi boat

Atlas fishing boat

The Atlas is a multi-purpose (work/fishing/diving) boat. The deck provides a vast working space. A combination of stable hull lines and a ballast tank is ensuring a safe working platform. A powerful Palfinger marine crane is mounted on deck and counter weighted with the water ballast tank, substantial fish refrigeration capabilities and a large winch make this an ideal go-anywhere work boat. A vast modular work platform offers modification possibilities for various programs.

Atlas 50